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Two Chicago Public School Teachers Help Two African Schools!

SwaziKids International, formerly known as Project Rainbow, was initiated by two Chicago Public Schools teachers whom were inspired to make a difference during their trip to southern Africa. They recognized a clear opportunity to assist children who could not afford their school tuition, supplies and uniforms.

For three years, both teachers learned more about the issues, built a network of contacts in Swaziland and the U.S. and started raising money to sponsor three children to attend school. They enlisted the help of their preschool students and their families, as well as, their school community to raise over $10,000.

In 2008, they were awarded a Chicago Foundation for Education / Fund for Teachers travel grant that enabled them to travel back to southern Africa a second time. This subsequent trip afforded them the ability to hand-deliver school supplies, children’s books and classroom furnishings to two schools. It is at this point that they realized there were many other children who needed help and decided to launch a non-for-profit to expand their efforts.

SwaziKids International was officially launched in November of 2009 and now sponsors the education of children in Swazi in partnership with a Swazi school. This collaboration enabled SwaziKids International to focus its efforts on developing a school with students that consistently attend and to supply the school with needed educational resources and further professional development.

What We Do