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Two Chicago Public School Teachers Making a Difference!

Zio Perez, a Kohl McCormick Award-winning, Golden Apple Award-winning, and National Board Certified educator, teaches preschool at Nettelhorst Chicago Public School. Megan Whitney, a National Board Certified educator, teaches preschool at Audubon, a neighboring Chicago Public School.

In 2007, they embarked on an African sojourn through South Africa and Swaziland. There, they discovered two schools that desperately needed their help. They were in dire need of teaching materials, including books and writing supplies. This experience inspired the pair to implement a year-long study of southern Africa with their young students.

Upon reflection of their teaching practice, they strived to make diversity an integral part of their classroom environments, inspiring students and families to work for social justice in real-life, authentic ways. Their trip to Africa drove their students to adopt the needs of these schools as their community-service project.

From their first trip....

What We Do